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STQC Certified Fingerprint Scanner with RD Service.

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TCI is a high-tech enterprise that provides data security, mobile communications and banking services with range of high-end intelligent products and solutions. Our products have been extensively applied to telecom, financial, transportation, social insurance, and medical care industry. Our card products include contact smart cards, contactless smart cards, dual interface cards, magnetic stripe cards and scratch cards, etc.


TCI ensures to provide products of highest quality standards to customers. To achieve this, we along with our partners apply strict management system and quality engineering system certified by international agencies. Our R&D is constantly working to improve the reliability and performance of our products, by prompt adjustment and regular updates.


TCI consider the security as the main quality attribute for doing the smart card business. We have maintained the highest security standards to protect customer data and products. The security system onsite covers asset security, data security, personnel security, logistics security and physical security.



1. Soon, we are going to introduce STQC certified Fingerprint scanner for aadhaar authentication, which offers a reliable, ergonomic and cost-effective solution for enrollment, identity verification and user identification.

2. Newly launched product: E-Sim (i.e., Embedded SIM)

. It is secure end to end solution.

and can be embedded in the terminal devices of internet of things

- This Technology solves the problem of switching the network of different operators

Mobile Communication


Sim Products & Mobile payment solution

Mobile App Development


Developing feature-rich mobile apps by cost-effective team

Government Sector


Smarter devices for government services

Storage Security


Higher Performance,higher security & greater compatibility

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