Electronic Identification System Solutions


Electronic Identification System Solutions

Solution Description

EID system provides governments a full set of national ID card system solution. EID system consists of an ID card management center, a disaster recovery center and multiple regional-level business service centers, which are mutually connected via network. Moreover, third-party institutions like banks and police stations can access EID system via network.

From the perspective of business process, EID system chiefly focuses on ID card and covers multiple links including online reservation, information registration, information inspection, card personalization, card distribution, card issuance and identify verification. The seamless connection among these links shorts the time of business handling. Besides, EID system provides a variety of priority strategy, permission strategy and security strategy to ensure information security and facilitate leveled information management.


Mobile Registration Workstation (MRW)

MRW is mainly used in large-scale registration stage and collects the demographic information and biometric information of citizens, such as photographs, fingerprints and electronic signatures, and archive the citizens’ information collected to movable storage medium. MRW also provides such functions as card issuance and local updates. MRW has portability characteristic and adapts to different environments, i.e. it can be used in the area with insufficient power supply and poor network signal.

Card Management System(CMS)

CMS is mainly for continuous registration phase and collects the demographic information and biometric information of citizens, such as photographs, fingerprints and electronic signatures and has real-time processing of the citizen information. CMS can provide cardholder with more business handling, such as card issuance, loss reporting, loss reporting cancellation, termination and update. In addition, CMS can provide applicants with business handling tracking functions, which enables applicants to have real-time monitoring of business handling progress.

Online Reservation System(ORS)

ORS is mainly used in the oversea regions with good network conditions or in the overcrowded regions. Applicants can make a reservation through the online reservation system. The main functions of online reservation system include online reservation, reservation management, reservation approval and demographic information registration.

Personal Information Inspection System(PIIS)

The main function of PIIS is to verify the correctness and uniqueness of the collection information. The verification of correctness includes the inspections of photo and demographic information. Uniqueness inspection refers to the comparison of the applicant's biometric information with the biometric information of all citizens. The main functions of PIIS include photo inspection, photo inspection review, biometric information comparison and comparison result review.

ID Card Personalization System (ICPS)

The main function of ICPS is to complete card personalization and quality check in accordance with production plan. ICPS uses large card issuing equipment to complete personalization. The main functions of ID card personalization include development of production plans, allocation of production batch, card personalization, card quality examination and equipment management.

Card Distribution System (CDS)

CDS is the distribution management platform of ID cards. CDS is mainly used to sort, pack and transport the personalized cards to designated business service centers, and the operators of such centers are responsible for reception.

Stock Management System (SMS)

SMS is used in card production link for the stock management of the consumables and raw materials. The main functions of SMS include stock-in management, stock-out management, supplier information management, material type management etc.

SAM Card Issuance System (SCIS)

SCIS is the production management system of SAM card. SCIS is mainly responsible for SAM type management, SAM production, SAM application and SAM card quality inspection.

Key Management System (KMS)

KMS is to provide ID cards with a unified digital key generation and management platform. The main functions of the system include generation of key custodian card, generation of keys at all levels, key backup and key export.

Identity Verification System (IVS)

IVS is a management system for identification and comparison provided to third-party institutions. The main functions of IVS include the verification and inquiry of ID card, biometric information comparison and inquiry, citizen information query, black list and grey list management.

Mobile Verification Terminal System (MVTMS)

MVT is mobile terminal which is used for identity verification. MVTMS is a system providing MVT with back-end support. The main functions of MVTMS include MVT upgrade management, MVT terminal management, operation information management and audit.

EID System Platform

EID system platform is a platform providing basic services for all application systems. Its main functions include ID card system management, auditing, monitoring and business process management.

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