Mobile Registration Workstation


Mobile Registration Workstation



The AICR5188 is a desktop terminal which is designed to deal with the personal registration information collection work. It works with PC to collect the basic information of applicant and it also can be used to get biological information such as e- signature, fingerprint and photo.


The easy-to-use software package can be integrated into the system easily. It provides various functions such as information collection work flow setting, data compression, data encryption and local ID identification.


AICR5188 can work in office or out of office by using AC-DC/DC-DC compatible power supplier. With protected box, it has resistance to harsh environment, such as watertight, dustproof, crushproof and corrosion resistant.


With industrial design, good stability, friendly man-machine interface and portability,AICR5188 is used for e-passport, ID card and other e-certification application.

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